Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Deactivate that text box in Photoshop

by www.elijournals.com

In Photoshop, when you have the Text tool selected, pressing v on the keyboard switches to the Move tool. However, if you have an active text box (bounding box showing), you’ll find out that instead of selecting the Move tool, Photoshop types v into the text box. So first, you have to deactivate the text box.

InDesign and Photoshop do have their similarities, but this is one area of difference: If you press [esc] while in an active text box, Photoshop removes the text layer. So that won’t work! One way to deactivate an active text box is to click on the text layer just to the right of the layer thumbnail, so the layer is still selected but the text box is not active anymore. When you do so, the bounding box handles will disappear. But an even easier way to deactivate a text box is to just press [enter] (not return). Then press v to activate the Move tool.

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